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A Casual Vacancy

There is a lot of hype around JK Rowling’s newest book, “A Casual Vacancy”, her first for adult readers. I bought it, read it and finished it, and I thought I could give some of my opinions.


Tomb Raider at Gamescom

I’m at Gamescom, and apparently the wait for SimCity is two hours. I’m going to use them to write down my thoughts on the Tomb Raider presentation I’ve seen here.

Projects on Github

Every once in a while, I’ve written small tools to solve problems I had. Those tools tend to work okay, but they’re too boring for a real release. For the longest time, that meant they sat on my hard drive and went moldy. That wasn’t too good, so now I’ve [uploaded some of them on Github][gh].


CSS vendor prefixes vs OpenGL

So [Opera is planning to parse -webkit- prefixes in CSS][operaplan], and everybody is crying out. From a practical point of view, though, it is a very good idea. Right now, CSS developers that want to take advantage of experimental properties have to write the same code up to four times with different prefixes (-webkit-, -moz-, -ms-, -o-). That is a horrible, horrible idea. It is made worse by the fact that CSS knows no variables or constant definitions, so you have to change all values in all four places, but that’s another issue.


Only german


Es ist beschlossen: Dass neue Semesterticket für die RWTH Aachen kostet 104,80€ im Semester, der Vertrag hat eine Laufzeit von drei Jahren (mit fixem Preis) und als Neuerung kann man jetzt zusätzlich Freunde oder Familie am Wochenende und am Abend mitnehmen. Ich hatte unter Twitter [live über die Sitzung des Studierendendparlaments berichtet, auf der dies beschlossen wurde]( Nun ist etwas Zeit vergangen, und ich möchte das ganze noch mal kurz zusammenfassen und bewerten.