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PowerPC only with Xcode 2.2

If you’re a developer and found this via google, and your problem is that you get warnings saying something about cputype(7) -arch i386 and a linker error when doing a ppc-only release build in Xcode 2.2, jump right to solution, the explanation is just for some friends of mine.

Mouse with HIDUtilities sucks

I learned a lot of things in the past few days. For example, I learned that after a ‘Bend the line’ you always face inwards, so that if you already have two lines facing in two ‘Bend the lines’ will bring you back to where you started. I wasn’t the only one confused by this, though.

Quick issue about HIDConfigureAction

There are not exactly few, but neither really lots of people who know what HIDConfigureAction is. I’m quite certain that nobody who visits my site and tells me about it is among them. There is one exception, but as far as I know he only visited my site once and anyway, that’s not the point. In short: HIDConfigureAction is a function of Apple’s HID Utilities. You call it with a time and get, if something made a significant movement, the device and part of the device that caused this movement. This is useful and probably meant for games, where you click on the function you want to have assigned to a different key and then press that very key. Works like a charm, except for one big problem I just had:

Björn stealing my ideas

I’ve talked a time or two about Björn, a friend of mine and probably the only one ever looking at this site. No idea why he does so, I’m always bored to death here, but that doesn’t matter.

Change for Comments

Ain’t life wonderful: I never get any comments on my page and dislike this. On the other hand, when I do get a comment, I never realise this until the person commenting tells me (which defies the whole purpose).