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Hubschrauber on Vista

Hubschrauber didn’t run on Windows Vista until now. That just changed. Not because of anything I’ve done, but because ATI finally released OpenGL drivers.

Windows network

And again, I’ve finished the Mac version enough for the release at Björn’s LAN this friday. By the way, this version will be only available at Björn’s LAN, so if you aren’t invited, sorry, bad luck. Anyway, I now started porting everything to Windows.

Happy Birthday, Björn!

Björn Gernert,a good friend of mine and also my hosting provider, has his birthday today. Congratulations, Björn!

Updates for Hubschrauber, etc.

I’ve implemented the new file format I talked about in Hubschrauber. There are still some things I want tweaked in the Mac version, but soon, I’ll start and bring the Windows version up to speed. To make this post less boring, here a screenshot:

Only german

Lehrgang in Rastede

Ich möchte hiermit ganz herzlich all die jenigen auf meiner Homepage begrüßen, die mich vom Lehrgang in Rastede kennen. Extra für euch habe ich jetzt in meinem Software-Bereich auch etwas über Hubschrauber geschrieben. Komplett mit Screenshots und allem. Hinterlasst bitte dort unten einen Kommentar, das finde ich immer ganz muckelig.

Progress of Hubschrauber

Sorry, no screenshots. I was too lazy.

Only german

LEGO Star Wars

Zu Weihnachten habe ich ein neues Spiel bekommen: LEGO Star Wars I in der Mac-Version.

Dreamfall Demo

Some time ago I wrote something about Dreamfall. My main conclusion was: Cool story, not much game, definitely worth it’s money. I only now noticed that there is a demo available. Theoretically, I’d recommend you to go, download and play it, but practically, it weighs 3.5 GB, so you might want to think twice about it. I guess it’s the full game with a time limit.