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California Proposition 1A

In California, in the context of the overall elections, there are several propositions for the people, one of them being Proposition 1A, which is all about providing money to build a Californian High-Speed Railway. Now, I don’t know much about californian politics, but I do know something about high-speed railways (same as every interested German), so I wanted to post some information here for Californians who might happen to land here.

Brisingr stuff

Me and the Eragon Series (also known as Inheritance Tri-plus-one-o-logy) have a weird sort of relationship. I think the books are badly written, neither plot nor setting are original and certainly not well thought out. In short, I agree with every word ever written on [Anti-Shu’urtugal][anti]. And yet I find myself enjoying reading the books. Brisingr is no exception in any of these regards.

RWTH Bogie at Innotrans

I was [recently][itblog] at Innotrans 2008 in Berlin, and apart from [many interesting trains][itbilder], I also saw a new bogie at Bombardier’s stand, at which there were stickers with the logo of the [IFS][ifs] of RWTH Aachen university.