Train and Cathedral - Aachen

Train and Cathedral - Aachen


Taking pictures with both a train and a cathedral is surprisingly easy in Cologne, but not in Aachen. However, we grow with our challenges, and I did manage to find an angle where you have both in the shot. Admittedly, the cathedral is kind of difficult to spot from here (it’s the right-most tower, behind the crane), but I still like the scenery of the tracks, bridge, the tangled mess of the RWTH Aachen University core area and Aachen’s skyline in the back.

The train itself is the same as the background one in Crossrail vs. Cobra. Usually I try to avoid that sort of thing, but here it was just the best picture of the scene. The bridge (you may or may not have guessed it) is the same as in Below the Bridge. I’m not finished with the pictures from that tour (well, small tour. Tourette. On second thought, maybe not that word), but that’s it for today (in my time zone).


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