Northern Bavaria

Northern Bavaria

Posted: 9 September 2009

Taken:2009-09-09 21:46:42
Camera:Canon EOS 1000D
Exposure: -2/3
Exposure Time:1/250
Focal Length:55 mm


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The S-Bahn station Wilhelmsburg in the south of Hamburg does not seem interesting at all: Old, dirty, boring. However, you do get a fantastic look on lots of passing trains from here, such as this.

At least in the freight area you can generally assume that any location mentioned in the company’s name is usually incorrect. A good example is the Nordbayerische Eisenbahn (Northern Bavaria Railroad), whose Bundesbahn-V100 is quite some distance from Bavaria, even the north of it, here.

Signal lovers may be interested in the signal on the left, on the S-Bahn tracks. It is a specimen of the old Sv system, the first system of only light signals in Germany, invented in the 1920s to allow shorter S-Bahn headways in Berlin. In the capital, it’s been completely replaced by in fact three new systems, but in Hamburg you can still see it all over the place. Apparently, at least some signals (such as this) were installed only after the war.


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