Lok 2000 in Lucerne

Lok 2000 in Lucerne

Posted: 21 September 2009

Taken:2009-09-21 18:09:18
Camera:Canon EOS 1000D
Exposure: -1/3
Exposure Time:1/25
Focal Length:18 mm


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The Swiss Re 460, official nickname Lok 2000 (Engine 2000), is the last large locomotive built in Switzerland. With a top speed of 230 kph (143 mph), it’s quite a capable machine, and was exported to Norway, Finland and Hong Kong. An even more powerful machine, the Re 465, was delivered to swiss private railroad BLS.

The red version of SBB can only be found in the passenger business these days. BLS’s machines still pull freight trains as well, but they lost the long-distance trains to SBB and in exchange pull only commuter trains on the passenger side now. In Lucerne (also famous for it’s very interesting transportation museum) you can regularly find two of them next to each other, as here 465 016 of BLS and 460 007 of SBB.


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