Euro Cargo Rail in the Woods

Euro Cargo Rail in the Woods


I’m not really certain what this locomotive’s story was. It seems that for the entire or at least most of the day, it was driving back and forth over the line. I’m not even sure where it’s return point was. I do know it reached belgium, but I’m not sure whether it reached DC electrification (the switching point is a little behind the border). There’ll be at least one other picture of it posted.

E 186 161-6, full NVR-number 91 80 6186 161-6 D-BTK, is again a Bombardier TRAXX 2E MS F140 (or class 186), but owned by french Euro Cargo Rail (and hence has no four-digit belgian number). It’s ECRs first electric locomotive, a second one (E 186 162-4) has already been spotted in the wild. The total count ordered is 20.

ECR is a daughter company of british EWS (England, Wales and Scotland), and focuses on unit train service in France and Spain, making the locomotive’s appearance here in Germany even more confusing. EWS, by the way, is in turn owned by German state railway DB.


Posted 19 December 2008

ulrich Kammer

Mitgezogen? Wenn ja, dann ist es sehr gelungen.

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