End of Journey

End of Journey

Posted: 10 October 2008


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A Thalys from Paris is about to finally reach it’s destination, Cologne central station. The Thalys is one of the very, very few trains that come from a western direction to Cologne and do not continue to Cologne Trade Fair/Deutz, the station just on the other side of the Rhine. Practically, the Thalys does actually cross the bridge, but only to be cleaned in the facilities of Köln-Deutzerfeld (Cologne Deutz Field).

This picture is probably a good indicator why it’s a good idea to have a lense with image stabilization. The train has motion blur (which I kind of like here) since at 1/25 seconds, it’s just too fast, but the landscape is as sharp as it should be.


Posted 27 August 2010



image stabilization does not help with fast-moving subjects, as you may have learned by now.


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