Three at once

Three at once


Sometimes you can see truly cool stuff in Cologne, such as here, three top modern trains heading into the (non-bridge end of the) station at once, and at nearly the same speed.

From left to right, we first have an electric engine of class 146.0, hauling a train of double-deckers, on the RE5 line to Emmerich (wherever that may be). In the middle, two class 643.2 Bombardier TALENTs, running on the RB38 line from Düsseldorf (via lots of extremely boring towns through the countryside) to Cologne Trade Fair/Deutz, and finally on the right, trying to hide behind a bush, a class 403 ICE3, of which I didn’t catch the destination.

I wonder who is in charge with maintaining the overhead wires here, and what pills they take to combat the frustration they have to feel here.


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