Plan V from outer space

Plan V from outer space

Posted: 14 June 2008


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Two Plan V EMUs are standing in Heerlen station. Those two have been sold or rented to Veolia Transportation, aka The Company Formerly Known As Connex, and it does not look like Veolia wants to keep them for very long.

In the background, you see an Euregiobahn DMU of class 643.2. The Euregiobahn is mainly a german system, but it’s western end point is Heerlen, and there are plans (though no money) to extend the service in the Netherlands and start some in Belgium.

What is odd is that the Euregiobahn TALENT is red in front. Well, actually, that’s perfectly normal for german trains owned by the DB, but I was under the impression that trains in the Netherlands had to have a huge white or yellow warning area, which can be seen nicely here or here or here. I have absolutely no idea how that DMU managed to get around this restriction.


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