First Day of Service

First Day of Service


Today is the second sunday of december, and since a few years this means all of europe changes the schedules to new ones. In this case it means that the Siemens Desiro ML of the Mittelrheinbahn operated by Transregio (I’m not really who this EuRailCo is) finally see service. This one even received promotional stickers to celebrate the occasion, calling itself “the new star at the rhine”.

This more or less concludes my Desiro-ML-trilogy, which started with the train at the exhibition and continued with the test drives. The next interesting point would be their last day of service, which is (hopefully) still very far away. So from now on, I shall treat them just like any other train I find in Cologne.

By the way, it appears that it is possible to take pictures of the destination sign if the exposure time is long enough.


Posted 15 December 2008

ulrich Kammer

schönes Bild, wie hast du belichtet?

Posted 15 December 2008

Torsten Kammer (admin)

Kein Unter- oder Überbelichten, 1/15 Sekunde, f/3,5, ISO 800 (sagen die EXIF-Daten, ich hab mir das nicht selbst gemerkt). Ich habe hier bei dieser Aktion mal ein bisschen damit rumgespielt, ISO manuell einzustellen, und wie sich das auf Nachtbilder und besonders Rauschen bei geringen Belichtungszeiten auswirkt.

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