Cocoa for everyone!

There’s something I wanted to post since the last meeting of [Cocoaheads Aachen], but forgot. The actual Cocoheads meeting is mainly for people who are already familiar with the framework. To address those who wish to learn about it, there will now be a Cocoa course for beginners.

The exact details are not fixed yet, because they will be based on participant’s wishes. Generally, it’ll be free for students of the RWTH, and it might be free for others, depending on what the university says.

The entire thing is planned to take place during the winter semester, but could as well be done as a block during the semester holidays. At the first Cocoaheads meeting, there was also a rumor that the Media Computing Group (who organizes this) would provide computers, but I think it’s not a bad idea to have your own portable Mac either.

If that sounds somehow interesting to you, please announce that, without any obligations to actually join, to [the organizers][hci], best via E-mail. I’m not certain who you are supposed to send it to, but I guess if you accidentally hit the wrong person they will be able to sort that out (if someone who knows a specific address reads this, please leave a comment!). Then all the details can be coordinated.

Oh, and if you happen to know someone who is interested or have a blog that might get read by people who might be interested, please tell others about this as well!

Written on July 2nd, 2008 at 07:46 pm


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