The best in the tower

I just finished reading “Die Bestie im Turm” by Tom Wolf. This is a crime book set in the beautiful city of [Goslar]( in 1527, and it’s great.

Most people who read this blog know that I’m originally from Goslar, but what you might not know is that I’m, among other things, a fan of historic novels, in particular crime. I’ve long wanted for someone to write one placed in Goslar. Now, someone did so. This novel is part of a series of similar novels placed in cities that are members of the [Hanseatic League](, of which Goslar was a member.

Picking it up, I had fears that this might be a book simply written to fill a gap in the series and mainly ignoring Goslar with a few references to landmarks thrown in. This is not the case. It’s really a great book, and it takes all of what makes Goslar interesting into account. It is set in the time when the ruler of Brunswick tried to take the Rammelsberg, the mountain containing Goslar’s rich silver mines, away from the city. This is, in my opinion, the most interesting period of Goslar’s history. Placed in this situation is a well-written crime with some gruesome elements. As far as such novels go, I’ve seen cleverer ones, but it’s still written very well, and it has great characters. I recommend it to anyone living in Goslar or interested in Goslar, or for that matter, simply interested in historic crime novels.

In other news: [Kato USA]( has updated their site to the 21st century! As a result of this, you can now actually find what you need fast and without trouble, and the site looks and works great. That couldn’t be quite said for the old version. Now if [Noch](, the german distributor for Kato models with US prototypes, got their act together and made a good website, I’d be happier than you can imagine.

Last but not least: Did I already mention I changed my [RSS-Feed]( to full content? If not, well, I’ve switched my RSS-Feed to full content, because my sister insisted. I’d normally link to her page, but she lets it fall in disarray and instead spends her online time on n00b pages like Facebook, MySpace or DeviantArt. I could link to her profile on them, of course, but I think those sites are not worthy of real members of the internet.

Written on January 7th, 2008 at 12:49 pm


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