Russian Power

Russian Power

Posted: 17 October 2008


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The russian-built locomotive family that got the nickname “Ludmilla” first in Dresden and these days all over Germany came in many variations, some of which had 3000 HP/2200 kW (the majority) and some with 4000 HP/300kW. After the re-unification, all the 4000 HP ones were taken out of service, because nobody could see a use for such high-powered units. A few years later, a number of 3000 HP ones got rebuilt with 4000 HP. If you really believe the cliché that germans are efficient, please think again.

The new 4000 HP ones are classified as class 241, and come in two versions: One for hauling trains to the Netherlands (where there are also 3000 HP ones) and one, the subclass 241.8, for hauling trains to Belgium. This is the latter version, coming with a train from Montzen into Aachen West, where the train will most likely receive an electric locomotive for the rest or at least next part of its journey.


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