I’m considering adding Avatars to the comments here.

My initial thought for this was to use [Gravatar][grav]. The idea behind that site is that you put your avatar there, and it shows up on all participating sites. The matching of users and avatars is done using your email adress. The problem is that nobody who ever commented on this site has an avatar there, so it’s kind of not a lot of fun, really. It would only be useful if you guys started using it.

As an alternative, I could also implement registration with password and all, of course voluntarily only. I’ve developed a system for that some time ago, and that would work directly with [Trains In Games][tig] as well. I just don’t think that it’s really useful for a site as small as this.

So, does anybody have an opinion?

Written on April 18th, 2008 at 12:56 pm


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